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Acer Aspire One Cloudbook Review - $189 Low Cost Windows 10 Laptop Notebook PC

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Buy this reviewed item at my store for a discount! http://lon.tv/wvjhw Acer has a new sub $200 Windows computer running with the latest Intel “Braswell” Celeron chipset.

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00:02 - Hardware overview

01:40 - Ports

02:04 - SD Card reader and how far the card sticks out

02:42 - Trackpad and keyboard overview

04:16 - Web browsing performance

05:07 - YouTube performance

05:53 - Octane web benchmark

06:51 - Microsoft Word Performance

07:32 - Minecraft and Gaming

09:20 - Kodi and Blu Ray MKV playback

09:57 - Conclusion and final thoughts

Surprisingly the bump to Braswell technology does not result in an increase in speed. On CPU intensive tasks the Braswell Celeron N3050 performs about the same as the Celeron chip in last year’s Acer Aspire E 11.

Everything performs as one might expect from a PC at this price point with the exception of Minecraft. For some reason Minecraft performance was pretty lousy, far worse than even older and somewhat less powerful Atom based laptops. I suspect there's some driver issues to work out.

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