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ASUS Vivobook E200 11.6" Laptop Review $200 Windows 10 notebook

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Hey what's up guys Andrew here and today we're taking a look at the Asus vive book e 200 this is a successor to the poplar Asus x2 of 5t a that are viewed a wild back the main competitors for this notebook is HP stream 11 and Lenovo 100's so let's go and break down the specs you're getting an Intel 8 on x5z 8300 2 gigs of ram 11.6 inch HD display with the resolution of 1366 by 768 32 gigabytes of EMC storage all of this for retail price of 199 US as a bonus you do get a free office 365 just simply search for office 365 towards the bottom left and you'll get this activation link the design of this notebook looks more expensive than it really is on the outside you got this dark blue plastic finish the bottoms also may have the same plastic finish and there goes your 2 bottom facing speakers this is a slim and light notebook that comes in at 2.11 pounds and it's thickest point is 0.68 inches the interior of this noble looks pretty good as well you got that two-tone finish with that dark blue and that black on the panel overall this is a very good-looking notebook at such a low price point the only issues that bother me is these two plastic pins towards the back if you lay it on the table you might want to be careful because it can ruin the table now let's take a look at the ports in the left side onobu you got your charging port micro SD card slot micro HDMI and a USB 3 on the right side you got your audio jack and a USB 2 on the front you have these three LEDs the first one is your power status LED indicator charge status indicator and your caps lock indicator the Intel a tom x5z 8300 is a dual-core low-power chip that has enough horsepower for light duty activities like browsing the web and running Microsoft Office applications this chip has more power than Intel Celeron and 3050 during multi-core performance will that be better performance for Minecraft we'll see you later with benchmarks out of the way let's test out some real live action here right now we have the MSM website let's go to CNN and see how long it takes to load still loading come on in - there you go right now it's halfway loaded look like we're missing a lot of information towards the bottom and it's making a final push we're almost there and we're done so it took roughly 10 to 15 seconds which isn't too bad considering the CNN website has a ton of images and links and last but not least is our Microsoft Word test here going to type ice cream so that's really responsive let's try to move this picture towards the bottom now just go slide it down it's very smooth overall for light-duty schoolwork like Microsoft Office does not book ran without any hiccups the large button lists trackpad and snow bit is smooth like butter to finger scrolling multi-touch gestures all were on target this is probably the best of the bunch compared to the stream 11 and the Lenovo 100's the overall typing experience on its no previous decent the feedback from these keys are not that comfortable however the key travel is good at one point six millimeters overall I'll have to give the HP stream 11 has the best keyboard overall on these budget notebooks this notebooks rocking 11.6 inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 overall the color accuracy is poor but that's expected with these budget notebooks the srgb coverage came to 57% and the Adobe RGB scored 42% the vegans are actually pretty decent for a TN panel now keep in mind this is a glossy panel so this thing is highly reflective if you want that anti-glare coating go for the 100's or the HP stream 11 megabits 1900 as you can see.

The game is playable I'm getting around 28 to 35 frames per second that's pretty good considering this is low range PC and yes I'll be testing out League of Legends for you guys because I know you guys will be asking for it this game will run frying at 1366 by 768 on very low settings you can expect around 27 to 35 frames per second even though this is a fan list notebook this notebook ran pretty cool and efficient over I've been pretty satisfied the battery performance comes from a to cell 32 watt outer battery pack and I've been getting around 10 and a half to 11 hours out of full charge with medium screen brightness keep in mind this is with casual usage like browsing the web working on Microsoft Word and occasionally browsing YouTube and watching Netflix these numbers are highly impressive thanks to the power efficiency of the entire 8 on chips the speaker performance on this notebook is terrible the two bottom face drivers are tiny and the sound quality sounds very muffled I wish aces will either move them to the side or move them towards the top here's a quick test of the mediocre 480p webcam just like the one found on the $1,300 MacBook out of the box the 32 gigabyte EMC actually has about eighteen point two gigabytes free for your programs and documents the read speeds are pretty quick I'm getting around 150 two point eight megabytes a second however the write speeds are fairly level at eighty two point six six megabytes a second with that being said most of you guys will either been using a high-speed microsd card slot or USB three external drive let's get to the closing thoughts of the Asus Viva Bug 8200 this is a great light compact notebook that's great for school and light-duty activities and you can't stretch it and play some light duty games like Minecraft and League of Legends on very low settings and most importantly this notebook has that long lasting better life for those long days at school alright guys this completes my full review on the Asus Viva Book II 200 if you guys enjoyed it please be sure to smash on that like button and don't forget to sub thank you guys for watching and I'll catch you guys next time

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