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Hello! With you Wylsacom. All of us with you are used to the fact that laptops are such portable computers. There are gaming laptops that are no longer so portable computers. But what if I say that Acer has maximally settled and made an ultrasonic game computer, which lies here in this case?.

And, as you know, he's not at all portable. : D IT weighs about ... kilogram twenty! I even try to open it! But for your sake I will. And, drove to the studio! Let's see what's inside..

By the way, I'll tell you a life story. At home I use AirPort Extreme, and at the studio we also put AirPort Extreme. And recently I found out that in the new one, which is like a turret, there is a cooler, because he stopped coping with the tasks that we set before him. Therefore, so that our network does not crack at the seams, I in Citylink bought Keenetic Giga III and Keenetic Ultra II..

They differ only in the number of ports. What's the catch? In order to bend in games, Wi-Fi is still not enough. And you need to connect both furious Predator, and the console directly to the old, good Ethernet..

And here we have eight ports, because the studio has a huge number of devices. Only PlayStation we have three pieces. And we need everything. And at home I will have five, because I have only three consoles there, come on. This one costs seven, this one is nine. Web-interface, primenenki, all the joys. In short: I bought, I use, I am happy, I advise you! And this, by the way, is not just a case. It's Pelican, which in itself is very steep. Shockproof, waterproof, wildly expensive. In Russia Predator 21 X will cost. Now inhale more air ....

And sit down, because when I say the numbers, it's not a fact that you keep the balance..

SIX NINTH NINE THOUSAND RUBLES there is this computer. What is there inside be to justify such a price. E-E-E You must see this. HERE SHE IS! WILD WILD! PREATHER TWENTY ONE VIC! BOYS! And the envelope below with all sorts of nishtyak. And under it there is a whole bunch of nishtyaks!.

Two power supplies, my God! It's even interesting to know what's in the box! While just a complete game! The first thing that catches your eye ... power supply the size of my ... A LIFE. One. But, since here the 1080s (the tieper's comment: we are talking about video cards), then one is not enough. And side by side is the SECOND! How much does this laptop run on battery power? I'm not even sure she's there. Well, you know, it's enough time to transfer it from one table to another. But in general, of course, there is not much point in talking about portability here. And then something very strange begins. Here this rubber crap is generally incomprehensible in the form of X. You have to read what it is. Maybe some kind of stand. Maybe some kind of organizer. Hell knows. Here is this story. It's a trackpad, it's also a KEYBOARD! And I understand that it can be changed. It is magnetic and with a connector. Accordingly, you can choose what suits you best at the moment. There is a strap. I do not know what it is. Is it on your wrist, or is it a computer? And-and-and, there is a podstavochka. Here, I know what it is. This is for the hands, so that they do not become numb..

And here I am, in general, ohrenel. I already looked with one eye. You just check out what it is. Mechanical blue KEYS FROM * Wilsa's ineffable facial expression: D * SCREWDRIVER! There was only one envelope left. It is called "Predator 21 X". And I understand that here all the documents that we need. "Do not put the children on Predator 21 X. Do not put them in, in fact, the same box.".

That's the thing. Nothing else! In fact, no suitable, uh, well, I understand, nakleachek, some super-duper cool story that would make me proud, too, no..

Well, okay. However, Predator podsuetilsya, and the first buyers, the most desperate, in Russia, prepared gifts..

Please give gifts! * SHMYAK * What we have here is interesting? First, it is, as I understand it, HEADPHONES Predator. Secondly, the PATCH is wonderful. And, thirdly, the coolest thing is * SHMYAK * Predator MEAT! That is, a set of accessories that will allow you to flex with this laptop..

And these gifts are not for everyone. Only for the most FAST..

And bold. I do not even know how much it weighs. DOSHRENA! Probably the heaviest laptop EVER! I think that even the oldest, some oldest, nineties notebooks were even easier..

.................... SIMPLY UNBEATABLE SICK! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH! Just DIIIIIIIIch! WOW! Listen! There's some Limited Edition, 168 out of 300. Cherry-keyboard, Blin, you have to see it! 21 INCH INSULATED DISPLAY! * untranslated sounds issued by Wilsa * Moreover, with a resolution of 2560 at 1080. WFHD! (tipper: resolution is). There is still this function from Intel, which tracks the eyes when you look. That's it, you know, when you were playing in your childhood, and you did for a TV like that ... Now this works. However, I believe that this is stillborn technology, you do not need fucking. But there's so much room here that, um, you can sprinkle anything! PAH! That's what I love about my work. Valya is suffering, dragging this suitcase into the office, which weighs ... I'm even afraid to find out how many kilograms. Unpacks, tells you more about this device, but I can play games and tell about my impressions! But, first of all, I was impressed by this curved 21-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz..

Given that all the games that we tested go in a sure 120+ FPS, the picture is super-smooth..

But even in Windows, pulling windows from the left to the right is incredibly cool! This, you know, reminds me of the ProMotion display in the new iPad Pro. There, too, you just leaf through the lists in order to look at this smooth drawing..

And here it is the same. The big problem of modern games, you know, it seems to me, is that they, contagion, weigh 50 gigs,.

And downloading a lot just does not work, because, well, we do not have that much time with this computer,.

To sit and wait when they all load. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weighs just a little bit, and this is the standard game that we use when testing some iron..

And it is understandable that here hundreds of FPS on the highest settings are just guaranteed to us..

One way or another, two 1080 (a tieper: it's a video card), working in SLI mode, make themselves felt..

On this computer AT ALL. NOTHING. DO NOT BRAVE. In DOOM, as well as, in general, in other games, exposed the ultra-settings, to maximize the load of powerful iron Predator 21 X. Well, and of course, 130-140 FPS stable we got..

VERY smoothly, VERY steep variety of effects, blur'a, explosions, MONSTERS, BLOODS! Everything, as we love..

However, personally to me in DOOM to play hard enough any long time, because the game is too dynamic and action-packed. I'm just getting tired quickly. Here are Heroes III, that's for me. The last time that Valentin tested Rocket X and Metro: Last Light, many people began to reproach him for commenting on the fact that,.

That he did not remove the check mark in the settings, which drastically reduces the number of FPS. This time we took into account your comment, removed this tick, and got the highest graphics settings.

In Metro: Last Light confident 130-140, - approximately so, - FPS in open spaces,.

And for two sotochki in the premises. Inter Core i7-7820HK, 8 plus 8 gigabytes of video memory in two GeForce 1080, working in SLI,.

64 fucking gigabytes of RAM. So you say: "Who will test Counter-Strike: GO on a machine with this level of performance?".

* tyk * I. Because it is obvious that any modern game on ultra-graphics settings will work here.

In the maximum number of FPS, will not stumble or cough. Of course, it's a pancake, a computer, a laptop ... I do not know what to call ... GAME MONSTER is not for life. This is the device that you will buy, if you have everything, and you are: "Give me what I have not seen." ON! Of course, this is a strange device for MAD seven hundred thousand rubles. But, damn ... It's a muscle game. Acer says: "Look how we can!" And then some solutions from here migrate to other products of the company, and so on..

But this is the strangest, WILD laptop I've ever seen and touched!.

Just BITCH WILD. It's cool that they did it. Write in the comments that you think about it, subscribe to the channel, and, of course, put your husky as valuable as possible, if you liked it, and would like to have one, well,.

There, play here, like Ilya, for example, in Starcraft 4K. And what and if not? What else to do on such a computer?.

And, to new meetings! Till!

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