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Игровой ноутбук за $850 – ACER ASPIRE 7

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Сложно поверить, но игровой ноутбук за $850 существует. Артем сделал обзор Acer Aspire 7 и готов поделиться с вами всеми плюсами и минусами этой модели.

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After lots of your comments, I decided to take a super budget game gaming notebook for a review. I hardly believed that a laptop for $ 850 could be almost ideal for an undemanding gamer. ACER Aspire 7 and a whole bunch of digits further. I have the youngest model with no SSD, no top-notch video, and even no Core i7. So how did it bribe me? Acer Aspire 7 and a whole bunch of digits further. I have the youngest model with no SSD, no top-notch video, and even no Core i7. Slim, relatively powerful, noiseless, and with a good design. On board, it has an i5-7300HQ - a mobile quad-core processor with a frequency of two and a half gigahertz in the drain and three and one-tenth in Turbo Boost mode. In addition to the integrated HD630 graphics, it also has a full-fledged GTX 1050 - exactly the same as in the PC of my mom's friend son. There is a tight gaming minimum of the RAM - 8 gigabytes with one bar and with a frequency of 2400 MHz. However, in the future, you can add one more module and improve performance through dual-channel mode. What's missing there, it's SSD. But I've specially taken the youngest model to show you where to start. The terabyte disk will be enough both for programs and for 5 most huge games. Yes, this can affect the speed of the system as a whole, but you can now pay 50 dollars, or you can buy SSD separately in the future. A fly in the ointment - we can't go anywhere without it. On/off button and case materials. Let's review it in turn. I'm fairly certain that the laptop boyars will first frequently turn off the laptop instead of starting the task manager. After all, at the standard place of the button DELETE, there is a button with a recognizable sign. After all, could you put it aside? Tell me in the comments, guys, maybe you know what's the point of arrangement like this? The second not very pleasant moment is a very slim case. But this applies only to the metal parts on the lid and around the perimeter of the keyboard. The area around the display and the bottom cover are plastic and don't collect prints. I didn't wipe the laptop the last 2 days on purpose, so you can appreciate the aluminum coating and its marking. In general, I do not advise you to sit with a meal or with filthy hands. Let's go through the ports. On the left side, there's Ethernet, the usual USB Type-C, HDMI, card reader, and USB 3.0. On the right, there are two USB 2.0, a charging connector, and a paired connector for headphones and a microphone. If your headphones and a microphone are connected separately, you'll have to use an adapter. The air intakes are placed under the case, and the hot one is in the opposite direction from the user. The peak temperature of the sub-surface is 45 degrees. It doesn't cause unpleasant sensations, but it would already be uncomfortable if it was higher. The Wi-Fi module works on MIMO technology, but with my home router, the maximum speed was only 141 MB/s. The power supply is 135 W, medium in size and not very heavy. It is not difficult to carry with you. By the way, on the wire, I found such a bonus in the form of a holder for the mouse wire. Or maybe it has another purpose? If you are afraid for the safety of your data or you have something to hide from your relatives, then, in addition to the main password for the operating system, you can protect yourself by the FingerPrint module, which works like a clock. The touchpad is standard; I will not invent fairy tales. During the tests, personally, I used the mouse. The keyboard is a membrane, with a slight tactile feedback when activating. There is a highlight, and both the Cyrillic alphabet and the Latin one are well highlighted. he screen is 15 inches, Full HD, IPS, with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. In general, it is quite standard for current laptops. Unless it'd be good to have the frameworks smaller, at least twofold. And better threefold... There's no reason to praise or scold the screen. With such hardware, 144 Hz is useless, except for DOTA or CS, but this is debatable. Let's see what are the numbers in the games. I test all the games, as always, with a run of 5 iterations to minimize the error. GeForce Experience on such a video card still affects the indicators, so the tests were conducted separately. Let's start with the heavy games - Assassin's Creed Origin. The graphics settings are minimal, Full HD. To look at the stators in the benchmark could be worse, another matter to stand the console FPS. In general, biting the bullet, at 44 fps you can play. Far Cry 5 has determined that the laptop also needs the minimum graphics settings. Okay, let's see. The average fps is around 47 frames. At least 36 and the maximum occasionally reached 57-59. The minimum 1% was 38 frames. The stable smooth gameplay, even with a low fps. My conclusion would be - playable. GTA 5 has already been downloaded, so we will test this open world. Automatic settings. Benchmark is a good thing, but sometimes you want action. Downtown, cheat on weapons and immortality, and for 5 minutes of fun, we get an average of 62 frames. The minimum 1% was about 38 frames, which is quite comfortable even for online. While testing PUBG on this laptop, I even managed to take the TOP-1. Due to lack of optimization, there were times when fps fell below 10 frames. So for this game, I would not advise taking such a laptop. The average indicators are on your screen. For dessert - CS GO. he game automatically determined the settings for me, and if you think that the frames are not enough, you can safely reduce everything to a minimum, because on the fifteen-inch screen, anti-aliasing only eats up fps. 103 frames on average, without drawdowns below 89. A decent result, but you have all 300 on the GTS 450. I know. The temperature and noise characteristics are excellent, as for a gaming laptop. 84 degrees on the hottest core in the peak. Of course, I would not use it on my hands or put it on a blanket, but it wouldn't hurt to buy an additional cooling pad. You should decide for yourself, whether.

You need to buy such a laptop and I'll simplify the task, leaving links to similar models in the description..

I'm waiting for your royal like for reviewing the budget laptop..

My name is Artyom! See you!

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