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Lenovo G50-45 - Best Budget Laptop for Teen & Students 2015 & 2016?

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What's up guys, here is my quick review on the Lenovo G50-45 with AMD A6410 and Radeon R5.

Really good laptop for teens and students on a budget. I Picked this one up for $250

Have questions? Don't be afraid to ask! :)

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Thanks again for watching my video on Lenovo G50-45 - Best Budget Laptop for Teen & Students 2015 & 2016?


Lenovo G50-45

Hello everyone, today I will be doing my quick review of one of Lenovo's most successful budget laptops...the g50-45. Let's get started.

Build Quality.

The laptop is made of plastic but it is very sturdy and feels well built for an entry level machine.

Hardware Tour.

On the right side of the machine, you will find a 3.5mm audio jack for input and output.

A full-size SD card slot

An usb 2.0 port

An optical drive for reading and writing CDs and Dvds and a security lock.

By now you should've noticed that this a very thin laptop at less than 1 inch at the thickest point

The back is completely smooth. There is absolutely nothing on this side.

On the left side, there is an unconventional Lenovo charging port

A quick recovery key

A neatly designed vent opening

A VGA port to connect to a monitor

A lan port for high-speed internet

An HDMI port to connect to monitors and TVs

Another USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port.

On the front of the device are two led indicators...one for power and the other for the battery. these led indicators are off slightly to the left as opposed to being centered at the front.

On the underside, there are some more vents to help keep the machine cool...

There is A 2200 mah battery that gives only 3 hours battery life... some

Screws holes in case u need to pop the back off to upgrade the ram and some rubber anti-skid studs.

In the event that you need to upgrade the hard drive an SSD card, you will also need to unscrew this back plate.

This machine comes with windows 8 out of the box but I was able to upgrade to windows 10 for free courtesy of Microsoft.

There are some noticeable flex on the back of the lid and also on the keyboard. That being said...its not that bad for the price. Did I mention I got this for 250 dollars?

The laptop has a full sized accutype keyboard that is not back-lit...Dolby audio speakers that are pretty loud and a decent track-pad. I kinda wish the keyboard was a little bit firmer and that is my only drawback here.

Lets talk about the screen...it has an HD screen that is bright and crisp at nights or when used indoors. However, Outside visibility in direct sunlight is almost impossible. The reflection is overpowering Even when i tried changing the viewing angles.

This issue is only present outside. Indoors the screen is great, i have no complaints there.

In terms of specs...This machine has a quad core AMD processor clocked at 2.0 ghz and has turbo up to 2.4 with radeon R5 graphics. It is not a gaming machine. I heard it plays games well on low settings. You can see other videos on youtube about that. It comes with 4gb ram that can be upgraded to 8 gigs. The hard drive speed is 5400rpm which is not the fastest out there but it is still doable for a budget device. The specs provide some smooth performances. Watching movies and HD videos, running multiple applications, editing videos and photographs did not slow the machine down too much. The only time I have seen lag so far is whenever I am rendering FHD videos. Multi-tasking then becomes an issue.

The online geek bench test gave me a single core score of 720 and a multi core score of 1852. These are not bad for a budget machine but I think it performs better that the scores suggest.

When I ram the task manager while using the screen recorder. I was using 64% of my CPU power. This is usually much lower even when I am editing videos on the machine.

Ram usage was at 50% but that's because there is a lot of stuff running in the background.. bear it mind that my unit only has the 4gb.

The last thing that I want to mention in this review is the webcam. Not that built-in webcams are of the utmost importance on a laptop anymore but the camera on this is underwhelming, to say the least. The images are grainy, aren't they?

There you have it guys,

the Lenovo G50-45.

Thanks for watching to the end. Cheers.

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