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Sony VAIO P 2010 (2nd gen) Video Review

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Все видео пользователя: MobileTechReview.

A video review of the Sony VAIO P second gen ultra portable notebook computer. The Vaio P has an 8\" LED backlit display with 1600 x 768 resolution (you can scale it down with the press of a button to 1280 x 600 to make text more readable). It runs on the Intel Atom Z530 CPU at 1.6GHz (single core, dual thread) and there's a model with a 2GHz Atom. This is one of the smallest Windows 7 PCs on the planet and the keyboard is touch typable. It has WiFi, Bluetooth a display that rotates via accelerometer. If you need extreme portability and full Windows, check out the Vaio P.

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I'm Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the Sony Vaio P this is the second edition the 2010 model of the VAIO P we reviewed the first generation VOP back in Oh March of 2009 so it's taken a while for Sony to get a refresh but we have to say that they get an A for improvement over that period of time the overall shape and size the device is very similar to the last generation this time they're offering it with several different colors that are incredibly bright you see we have the orange one here there's a neon green there's a hot pink model but there's also a black model and a white model for those of you who think that these colors are way too outlandish let's see the keyboard plate here is body colored now it's no longer silver and this is a matte finish which is good busy doesn't show fingerprints like the last gen P did the keyboard is quite similar to the last generation the shift key on the right side has gotten slightly oversized ever so slightly but it feels much better to type on I own the first generation P announced on the VAIO X and this one definitely has the best keyboard of all and if you're accustomed using netbook keyboards or smaller keyboards in general you can type really quickly in this you can see the size I have fairly large hands and long fingers and there's enough room here in a type easily and comfortably touch type beside the eraser stick pointer here which has a feature I love you can tap to click on it and keys have.

Good travel for devices as small and you can see on the side how much relief there is on the keys.

Over here you have your mouse click or buttons front for use with the razor stick pointer we've got an assist button which helps you with system tune-up and troubleshooting one of my favorites the G I can see this incredibly high resolution screen scale it back down for me which just switches the resolution it's not doing any kind of zooming or panning which could be incredibly annoying you get a better quality the default resolution is 1600 by 768 just like the original P and this button will bring it down to 1280 by 600 thereby maintaining the aspect ratio pretty well the widescreen display and you can see icons are much larger and it's easier to read on the screen well look at the software and stuff like that in the bin first we're going to finish taking a look at the device itself you can see the resolution switching that was pretty quick I've also got a web button here this will launch the web browser when you're in Windows and if the device is turned off its an instant-on function it takes about 8 to 10 seconds to load it's just a web browser it's a mozilla based web browser from what i can see that's very capable we'll show you that soon too that's handy for instant on indicators for power charging your wireless disk access the power slider is gone it's now a button here usually indicator LEDs up here for caps lock and things like that this is a very new feature here in Sony figures that you might actually be using this while walking around and holding the device like this this is actually an optical trackpad here it feels just like a piece of glass but you can move the cursor around by doing that some folks haven't liked that very much I find it's fairly easy to use a ton left handed so this would not be the hand I would choose to be doing that and you have NAS clicker buttons on this side so since it is 1.3.

Pounds you really can't hold it like this the device also has an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor much like my cell phone so that means you can turn it like so then it will switch to portrait orientation reasonably quickly given the GMA 500 Intel integrated graphics this has I don't know what Sony and Intel have done with the driver by the way because performance on this is quite good and it gets a 4.3 score for arrow and the Windows Experience Index and we've had great luck with Hulu and YouTube which we'll show you as well here's what it. Looks like closed and Sony did a little.

Pre marketing with a mysterious paper clip and that's because this kind of looks like the loop of a paper clip this is the $8.99 model and this one has bluetooth and Wi-Fi b/g/n and an EDS dual band and Wireless yeah so those you like to use the 5 gigahertz spectrum can do so if you want to go for the $1500 model that one adds rise in EVDO wireless modem and a GPS built in but given that this has two USB slots one here one here and things like this sprint overdrive the Verizon my thigh and Wi-Fi cellular sharing becoming more popular unless I'm sure if you really need to have verizon EVDO built in this is a proprietary connector for the dongle they used to come with last gen P that has VGA and wired Ethernet now that's sold separately for $60 got a bummer for a pricy device that's not in the box but then I don't know how many folks actually are going to use wired Ethernet with this or even VGA you've got your headphone jack here and it comes with a set of noise cancelling earbuds you're going to want those because the stereo speakers are very quiet just like the first generation P and just like the viol X then here is your power speaking of power it's an incredibly small power adapter very small and very light appropriate given the size of the device the battery goes in here and no this is not interchangeable to last generation P battery so if you have an old P and you're upgrading don't bother holding on to your standard or extended batteries they won't work if you want an extended battery Sony sells one for 129 which by Sony standards is actually reasonable thanks we'll take a look at the software and we've put through some tests playing YouTube Hulu and Photoshop before we get into looking at some software and performance on the via P just going to talk a little bit more about it in terms of specs no it does not come with an internal optical drive you can see it here next to a DVD obviously there's no room for an internal optical drive the base model that sells for $8.99 comes with a 1.6 gigahertz intel atom z3580 Atom CPU which is more high-end.

Than the n450 that we see in your basic 3 to $500 netbooks the $1500 version of this gives you a 2 gigahertz intel atom z520 8 in this honestly for $600 more I.

Don't think it's worth it in terms of performance you might see a little bit better but this guy has no built-in fan so if you keep cranking in it max clonk speed anyway it's going to have to scale down to maintain coolness typically around 50 degree centigrade it'll start to scale back so I say save your money and don't get the $1,500 one go at the 900 both models had two gigs of RAM that's soldered on to the motherboard they had bluetooth as mentioned Wi-Fi and the more expensive version adds Verizon EVDO with the GPS they use the Intel GMA 500 which it hasn't been the most rockin GPU among Intel integrated GPUs but Sony and Intel have done a credibly good job of this driver and Photoshop is performing much better than it ever did on the last gen bio P that also used the GMA 500 Hulu is working very well so as YouTube we are running the flash 10.1 plug-in on here which does have hardware video acceleration free flash playback ok let's take a look at some software and some YouTube on this first I'm going to talk about the seller ometer feature flipping your Windows desktop isn't the most exciting thing but let's take a look at using this as an e-book reader and here's the bug we've got the navigation pane over here.

Patience for the book and let's pick.

Chapter section now if you hide the navigation pane you can get facing pages depending on the font size you've chosen that's not too exciting is it but turn.

It on its side and that's not bad that's that's sort of like using the sony PRS 900 the daily Edition e-book reader for the long tall narrow kind of reading experience and I spent about an hour reading last night and found it quite pleasant so that's Adobe Digital Editions of course you can run Kindle software in here Barnes & Noble I've run this Sony desktop software which isn't the most exciting for desktop reading experience but it works just fine and now we're going to take a look at Adobe Photoshop.

Launches fairly quickly thanks to the SSD drive that is serial ata now unlike last gen that was parallel ata old-fashioned technology and the VAIO X is still in fact parallel ata.

So first we're going to open up a JPEG from an SD card this is a six man JPEG.

From a point shoot digital camera zoom.

In and zoom out the problem and we're.

Going to resize that image so you can see how quickly I can handle that take it down to four hundred pixels from approximately three thousand pixels and it does it that quickly and we'll apply.

A filter now sharpen it with unsharp mask and it's done that's very usable.

Next we're going to open up a raw file that's almost 20 Meg's taken with a CAD Canon digital SLR while leaving that other image open so here we see the raw preview I'm going to tweak the exposure a little bit first oh that was too much easy enough.

So now it's opening up the 20 micron image from a cannon so our that to that.

No problem again we'll resize this image to two 400 again you can do a lot of.

Resizing zoom in this one will a PI a.

More difficult filter about mosaic tiles.

Alright there it is so that's generally.

Speaking incredibly rocking Photoshop cs4 extended performance on something that has the brains of a netbook this does perform better benchmark better than most netbooks on the market as it should for the price next we're going to take a look at YouTube and we'll pick something off the front page by the way.

If this fonts too small for you can just hit ctrl + in the browser and bring up the font size or you can switch resolutions.

And we'll bring that up to 720.

Few of two is willing this time the vial.

P one point three gigahertz first generation model could never do and most netbooks in fact sir Luigi M a 500-gallon can't do you can see the CPU meter here right now is running at about 75% while it's playing 720p video next out down below well just watch this run.

Page feature.

They just work.

We're going to switch the full-screen mode here Adobe does recommend that you turn arrow on for best fullscreen performance we do not have air on it doesn't ship it thereon and behaved so well with arrow off I have no desire to turn around honestly it's still very.

Watchable this ain't your grandma's netbook so we're getting about twenty-fifth so it's it now our hardware video accelerators here for locally stored video and mpeg-4 another four minutes so we're going to take a look at a WMV file alright now in video test. Video in WMV format.

Sounds beautifully machine can easily.

Handle simpler tasks obviously like simple web browsing working with MS Office documents and M MS office 2010 trial is included with the machine there's some blow air on here it's not too bad by Sony standards certainly which is a good thing because this is not exactly a super powerful machine so that's the Sony Vaio P 2nd generation 2010 I'm Lisa from mobile tech review visit our website to read the full review

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