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HP Pavilion 15-n Series disassembly and fan cleaning

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How to fix overheating laptop, how to clean laptop fan and replace thermal paste in HP Pavilion 15 Series like 15-n090er, 15-n012TX

Backward assembling process: https://youtu.be/BWNGHGfNzuA

Answers for most popular questions: https://ali2.ru/g1LRJghi

Other photo and video guides you can find on our website: https://www.how-fixit.com/

The best thermal paste for laptop: https://youtu.be/q1sj6dzu5BI


screwdrivers set: https://ali2.ru/g1lTYqmM

spudgers set: https://ali2.ru/g1AR9kUK

thermal paste: https://ali2.ru/g1we0zud


screwdrivers set: http://ali2.ru/a11geuh0

spudgers set: http://ali2.ru/a11gesj7

thermal paste: http://ali2.ru/a11gf9t8


screwdrivers set: https://ali2.ru/g1hKDJCt

spudgers set: https://ali2.ru/g1DeSl0S

thermal paste: https://ali2.ru/g14cDmk2

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