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2015 Top 10 Gaming Laptops Over 1000$ (Gaming, Notebooks)

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Top 10 Gaming Laptops Over 1000$ (Gaming, Notebooks

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2015 Top 10 Laptop (Gaming, Notebook):


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#10 Falcon Northwest TLX

Falcon Northwest TLX Running on Intel Core i7 4800MQ, Falcon Northwest TLX comes in fully customizable performance and can hold up to 16 GB of memory. While performing really well, its supported processor starts at 2.7 GHz up to 3 GHz.

#9 Sager NP

Sager NP almost having the same performance as Falcon Northwest TLX, Sager NP comes in a cheaper price and is ideal for gamers who are on a budget.

#8 Maingear Pulse 15

Running on i7 4710HQ, this laptop is known for its lightweight body and whopping 1.25 TB tested storage capacity. However, this laptop is more expensive than other options.

#7 Digital Storm Behemoth

One of the models under the Digital Storm line, Behemoth supports high processor speed, which makes it one of the high performing laptops in the market. Nevertheless, its price is too steep for gamers on a budget.

#6 Lenovo Y50 Touch

Lenovo Y50 Touch is perhaps the cheapest gaming laptop in the market today although its specifications can be slightly basic than its competitor.

#5 Battalion 101

Battalion 101 is has almost the same processor features with its competitors, but with higher video card starting from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M and is upgradable to 780M. It is also one of the cheapest laptops for gaming.

#4 MSI GT70 PC Dominator

This MSI laptop races with its competitors because of its top caliber processor type, speed, and memory capacity. Its video card, however, is considerably lower than others. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive gaming laptops.

#3 Valkyrie

Valkyrie also has a list of remarkable gaming laptop features, but it still emerges as one of the cheapest gaming electronics today. It also competes directly with other laptops that does not support 3D feature in general.

#2 Origin EON

Origin EON Also lines up with the lightest gaming laptops yet, Origin EON has good features although its primary hard disk drive and primary solid state drive start at 320 and 120, respectively.

#1 Alienware 17

Alienware does it again as Alienware 17 tops the list of top gaming laptops. Its supported processor speed can reach up to 3.8 GHz and supports primary hard disc drive and primary SSD starting at 750 GB and 512 GB, respectively. Its price is also reasonable considering its performance.Obtain the best laptops by reading this top 10 gaming laptops – high performance laptop 2014 | 2015 – review. Take note of the price and look for the best deals in order to ensure savings while enjoying your favorite game.


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Top 10 Gaming Laptops Over 1000$ (Gaming, Notebooks

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