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Карбоновый Air на Windows 10 – Dell Latitude 7370 - обзор от Ники

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Когда заходит речь об альтернативах MacBook, стоит обратить внимание на Windows-ультрабуки. Отличный пример у нас сегодня в обзоре – стильный, компактный, карбоновый Dell Latitude 7370.

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Once I dreamed that I decided to change my Air for something else, on Windows. What a nonsense can I see in dreams... Nonsense or not, but sometimes you wonder by what to replace Air when it would be really slow? New MacBooks somehow do not please because of the problems with the keyboard, so you'll probably have to look at something from the Win-notebooks. You can, of course, be a high fan of Mac, but you can also look and find quite nice options. Here I have in my hands thirteen-inch Dell 7370. Until you open it, it's hard to believe that it's a 13,.

Very compact. The cover is made of carbon fiber, it's all sexy outwardly and very pleasant to touch. The notebook is light, one kilo, you can carry it in any bag, keep in one hand. Despite the fact that it is entirely black, it is very pretty and attracts attention with a carbon cover. Before I open it, let's look at the ports prepared for us. Two USB Type C on the one side, I'd run ahead and say that you can charge your laptop via both, mini HDMI, and, suddenly, a SIM card slot. Given the appearance of LTE in our country, it's not bad at all; you cannot bother with finding a Wi-Fi or working somewhere in the park. On the other hand, hello Apple, one old USB, you cannot rush for the adapters, and 3.5 mm for headphones, as well as a memory card slot, though only micro-SD, photographers will not appreciate it. The connectors do not seem to be much, it's better to have an adapter with a type C for everything or an ordinary USB-hub. But it pleases that you can buy a laptop and connect.

Something to it in an old fashion, through a nice USB Type A, instead of always carrying an adapter with you. The most important test, which all the owners of MacBooks run with Win-notebooks. Failed. Well, okay, I have two hands, right?.

Let's look inside. It immediately becomes clear why.

The laptop is so compact. Frames, as for laptop standards, are almost none. It looks amazing. And it's not important that the webcam left because of this in the lower left corner, it's generally not scary. But the framework is not everything. Matrix IPS, matte, in any conditions looks simply gorgeous, whatever you do on this laptop. You can complain that it's just FullHD, not retina, but come on, did you see the scaling of the Win soft on the UltraHD-touchscreens? Thank you, there's no need, good old FullHD will be enough. But most importantly, the screen is matte. In any light, in any conditions, no glare, everything is read perfectly. The reserve is at its maximum capacity, the minimum is comfortable for total darkness, it's great, and otherwise, you will not say. So, the screen is clear, but how is the keyboard? I will not watch TV shows on it, I'll write texts. No butterfly mechanism, an old good island keyboard with "island" keys. Slightly soft, as for me, but after a day you get used to it and you can write texts very quickly. Traditionally, the iOS layout has a short shift on the left and a stepwise Enter, but you could survive this. In general, respect for the keyboard. But the touchpad for those who are used to Apple's laptops will be a pain. No, if you are one of those people who are accustomed to carrying a small mouse with you everywhere, then there are no problems. But it will be difficult to use only the touchpad here. It is small, not slippery and sensitive, and even with dedicated buttons in the old way. Is it 2018 now? Actually, the chassis of this laptop is not new, maybe this is the reason. However, look at this fingerprint scanner. Just the time machine. There is even some kind of romantic in it... The case is not the newest, the processor is also the sixth generation.

Intel Core M6, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD. All you need for a stylish and compact typewriter, which should work quietly. But even with the processing of photos, it will be quite manageable, with no problems. In the standard mode of office work, the laptop worked approximately 3 hours, not so much, from the M-series of the processor you expect greater autonomy. It's good, of course that it's light, but three hours is not enough, on a working day it wouldn't be enough. Testing the same performance in games is meaningless, it is clear that this is not the configuration. The lack of cooling fans pleases, the laptop always works quietly. Heating wasn't noticed. The big plus of this laptop at the time of the review is its price, a deadly argument against the MacBook. Stylish carbon-fiber shell, excellent screen, decent autonomy. Hmm, I'm seriously wondering..

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