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Lenovo ideapad 320S Pentium 128gb ssd 4gb ram 2017 £350 part 1

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User guide link: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/m...

Just bought this for my wife for office based tasks web browsing and emails. Its great! The combination of latest pentium ssd drive and 4gb ram work well.

pentium 4415u

4gb ram

128gb ssd

Similar model 81F400L7UK similar to lenovo 330s

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Now this is the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 s which is a new breed of computers which are relatively low priced but come with an SSD hard disk so let's switch it on the reason SSDs are very good is they are very fast at file access so what it means is that even on relatively low spec computers this is running a 20-17 pentium process at a 441 5u you can see. If you run Windows at home and you've got a physical hard drive you probably find that it wouldn't be anywhere near as quick as that for starting up unless you've got a much more powerful device but if you're on a low-end or a few years old device you might be surprised at how quick these can run and that's but the Chrome browser on / edge on Microsoft Word launch publisher and all.

That on the Windows Store as well so now.

All those things are loading up in fact they all pretty much look like they're loaded up already let's go on edge and we'll go for YouTube so let's go for trending let's.

Just find something we can play it so.

There you go Jumanji trailer let's start that playing just to show that everything's still running in the background so we got word well that's open up a template you can see still scrolling nicely and smoothly through that let's go back to PowerPoint pick a. Template for that so that's now launched go back so the video is playing here on edge let's go to what's already on 1080 let's go full screen go back to Google Chrome let's do something else on YouTube.

This is my sign that's day one of my videos from ages ago something I was selling on eBay so here we've got two videos playing at the same time we've got to document open we've got the Windows Store open and as you can see it doesn't really suffer much over speed here at all let's see if we can well that's just files what else we got here no there's no photos on there anyway I'm not logged into skype I suppose we could launch Excel and also anything.

Else that's worth putting on camera.

That's not either camera that's me so.

Let's go whatever that template is template sampler so there you go so now we've got Excel PowerPoint Word the. Windows Store we've got a video still playing out someone else's video playing us a new Lego let's get that full screen and if we go back here it's playing.

Another video here so really not struggling at all I'm really impressed with how this this operates in general so the combination of of what it's got so it's a Pentium 4 4 1 5 u which is a step under the i3 70 100 but the only difference is I could find is it runs at a slightly lower clock speed 2.3 gigahertz as opposed to 2.4 same number of course same number of threads it's got a few less dedicated instructions but wasn't really going to concern me for this particular use and the cache the level 3 cache is 2048 whereas on the i3 is 3072 so overall performance for. Modest tasks like this aren't going to be that different and the addition of then having one to a SSD keeps it really quick so that's very good it's got four gig around which is quite low but the SSD kind of compensates for that I wouldn't be doing massive multitasking obviously you could see that I was putting lots of things going then in it and it really wasn't struggling too much so the design of it's very nice it's got. Really quite a nice sized trackpad as you can see here keyboard is quite well laid out it's a fourteen inch laptop the the back is metal which is again quite surprising for this sort of level of device you know 350-pound device USB there's a USB 2 and a USB 3 SD slot and. Then we've got unusually again a USB C 3.1 socket so really quite a modern socket headphone socket and then HDMI that was the other USB that I mentioned earlier on two speakers that's the Harman Kardon bit and yeah really for. The price I think it's really all of a sudden made relatively cheap laptops you notice a 350 pounds if you're not high in video editing or photo manipulation or or 3d graphics or gaming and you just want a computer to do things that web browsing and office tasks and things like that really I think it's impressive and I don't really want anymore from this particular computer for for the use that it's going to be for and it's how Windows should be almost as a minimum spec if you can get Windows with four Giga RAM an SSD and a pentium or above processor I think generally you're not going to be disappointed for modest use the reason people don't generally complain about Max is that you can't buy a cheap Mac all the Mac's have an SSD although all the Mac books have an SSD and a reasonably fast processor because they start at eight nine hundred pounds whereas the Windows computers you can buy a Windows computer for a hundred and if you look around some with one gig or two gig of ram low-end Celeron processors or low-end AMD processors and that has an experience is just disappointing whereas you know something like this is what Windows should be like.

Really you know as an operating system it's very good it's very fast it's very stable it's nice to use it multitasks well so that's my recommendation I've bought one and I would say if you're looking for something that is for modest tasks then it's a good laptop okay thanks for watching or let's see how quick it shuts down now sometimes windows is doing updates and that's why it takes longer to shutdown I've done some updates on this recently lights still on so it's not completely off yet but now it's alright thanks for.


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