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HP Notebook 15 Unboxing and Review!

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HP Notebook 15 Unboxing and Review!

Hey guys welcome to my video! I'm Sophia Del Rosario and today I'm going to unbox and review my HP Notebook 15. So i hope you like it. And also if you want to be notified when i post new videos click the subscribe button , if you like the video click the like button and comment down below if you have any question i will reply. Let's get started!

The laptop's lid features HP's logo in black on a silver, lined textured pattern. The left side has a JackRJ-45, a port HDMI and 2 USB port. On the right side has a SD card slot, a USB, a Disk Drive and a Lock slot for security.

Battery Life

The HP Notebook 15 lasted 5 hours and 15 mins with 0% of brightness.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard seems strong and the gestures worked well, and I pinched, swiped and zoomed around without experiencing any problems.

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